Say NO to wedding dress regret

How to not end up with wedding dress regret

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies when it comes to pinning down ‘The One’ – in fact we’ve heard many a story from frazzled brides-to-be that they just are afraid of making a bad choice or ending up with ‘wedding-dress regret’. There’s a whole multitude of issues at play here, we’ve chosen some of the more common ones and shared a few tips as well:

The search for timeless

It’s almost impossible when looking back on images of ourselves after several years, to not think that they look dated. Your wedding photo’s are a snapshot of who and where you are in life at that time. You will always move on, change, grow or get new hair. It’s part of our evolution and we have to embrace those changes as well as embracing those snapshots of who we were ‘back then’. So release the pressure on finding that perfect, timeless gown that’s never going to date. Because it doesn’t exist. Choose what you love and feel fantastic in right now as this is who you are in the present moment.

Dress from the inside out

A dress is an inanimate object and it does not have magical powers. But it is true that the clothes we choose to wear on a daily basis can have a major impact on how we feel and it’s been scientifically proven to make you feel good about yourself. We also know that dressing up takes a lot of effort, so even though we know it makes us feel great that doesn’t mean we do it regularly.

Before you head out on that wedding dress quest take a little time to nurture your feel-good vibes, if you head into it feeling a bit crap or down on yourself then chances are that you’ll never find that one dress that makes you feel a million dollars. Because that one dress does not exist. You create the feel-good feeling from within.

So take some time to dress up more in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding dress quest. Spend a little more time pampering and preparing your outfits, take more care of your appearance and focus on the parts of yourself you really love. You’ll be creating lots of good vibes about how you look and feel and it won’t come as such a shock when you put on the ‘really dressed up‘ wedding dress.

How to set wedding planning goals

When thinking about planning your wedding, the goal is usually a pretty simple one: have an awesome wedding day and marry the love of your life! But the path to getting to that point isn’t always a smooth one, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard a bride say they really…

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What makes me qualified to teach you how to plan a wedding?

I wanted to provide a little more context to who I am and what, I believe, makes me qualified to teach you how to plan a wedding. I’ve always been a bit of a go-getter and have rarely settled for the well-trodden path. I was a conscientious student and loved to learn anything new, my mind…

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Creating Fearlessly Authentic Weddings

For the past 7 years I’ve been helping awesome couples dream up, design, style, plan and create their own fearlessly authentic weddings. Couples just like you and I, that have a real sense of adventure and love of life. They dreamed big and wanted their celebration to be fully representative of who they are. Through carefully crafted…

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Get to know me

To-do lists, spreadsheets, itineraries! 📋📊🗓 I’m one of those people that actually loves these things as I know how important they are in my wedding planning toolkit. Being organised is just one part of me though, I mix in a healthy dose of creativity and I’m also a huge advocate for self-care. I believe you…

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Love Your Wedding Decisions

When it comes to planning your wedding day there will be so, so many decisions to make. The choices you make are what will make your wedding unique and authentically YOU, some people won’t get those choices but that’s fine, as long as they make sense to you that’s all that matters. I’ve been helping brides-to-be…

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Why 2017 is the BEST year to plan a wedding

It’s fair to say 2016 has been a real rollercoaster, with many ups and downs for a lot of people, including me. There have been so many media reports about 2016 being a rubbish year, with intense political upheaval and the deaths of many iconic people. Thing is I’m not one for focusing on the negatives – despite…

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Wedding Planning Time Management

Not enough time? When it comes to wedding planning time management,  I can imagine your first thought is or was: How the hell am I going to fit all of this in? It’s something we all feel the pressure of on a daily basis. It’s a simple concept really: you have too much to do…

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Wedding Planning: Where do I start?

CORE VALUES Before you even think about venues or guestlists you need to know what’s most important to you both. Draft out separate lists then sit down, discuss and negotiate which elements you want to jointly focus on. What’s an absolute priority? Is it a Church wedding, getting married outside, or having a small and…

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Motivation Monday

Magic happens as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone. You learn more, you grow more and you get more. So be fearless, create the wedding of your dreams, pursue your passions, eat the cake. Believe in yourself so you can be fearless. Also know that what you resist persists, so don’t dwell…

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