Creating Fearlessly Authentic Weddings

For the past 7 years I’ve been helping awesome couples dream up, design, style, plan and create their own fearlessly authentic weddings.

Couples just like you and I, that have a real sense of adventure and love of life. They dreamed big and wanted their celebration to be fully representative of who they are.

Through carefully crafted exercises I helped them unearth those loves, likes and dislikes that would make their wedding feel truly personal. I encouraged them to uncover their big vision and unleash their ideas, no matter how crazy or impossible those ideas appeared to be. I supported them to design days that were imaginative, original and stylish, weddings that felt thoughtfully designed and effortlessly flowing.

I guided them to create their own incredible weddings, days that could only ever belong to the two of them. Unique, inclusive, heartfelt, memorable and 100% THEM.

And whilst I was there from start to finish guiding, supporting and managing all the nitty-gritty aspects for them. They were still in the driving seat of planning their day.

They just had someone holding their hands, nudging them, showing them what needed to be done and when. Helping them to source the right people, products and services to bring it all to life. I provided that objective voice, that sounding board and guiding hand that made the planning process smoother, quicker and less daunting.

I know just how happy my clients felt to have this level of expertise and support to call upon. Just see what they had to say….

“Michelle is like the wedding oracle, what she doesn’t know about planning a wedding isn’t worth knowing. She just knows how to solve any problem and she does so in such a calming manner that it made planning my wedding a dream.”

“Michelle made planning our wedding a genuinely fun experience. Always helpful and enthusiastic, full of great ideas, awesome creativity and her experience is invaluable. She is possibly the most organised person I have ever met and I thought I was pretty organised.” JADE GARROW NEWPORT

“Working with Michelle was a dream come true. She is so creative, organised and beyond lovely to work with.”

But I also know that not everyone has a few thousand going spare in their wedding budget to allow for this kind of in-depth professional support. Our clients pay £5K, £6K, £7K, even £10K for our bespoke wedding planning services.

Now you can get my insights and expertise, my guiding hand and extensive knowledge for a fraction of this cost.

Why am I giving all this insight away?

Because I truly believe EVERYONE deserves to have an incredible wedding day and a stress-free planning experience. No matter what their budget is or what kind of day they desire. It’s that simple.

I want to support more people to have amazing wedding experiences. To fast-track their planning and to not waste time, energy or money figuring it all out for themselves.

WEDPLANOLOGY is open now

If you’re ready to take massive action and join our tribe of fearless brides-to-be then now is the time. Wedplanology is open for enrolment now. You will get instant access to the membership site from the moment you enrol, so you can get started with the orientation pack and and all the eight modules as soon as you enrol. The modules are packed with resources such as video training, workbooks, worksheets, and tools to help you plan your day.


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