Yep – I know, you’ve heard it  (one squillion times) before. But it’s worth repeating. When it comes to deciding on the concept that will give you a totally out-of-the-ordinary and truly memorable wedding day then just being yourself is what’s going to make it exactly that.

There is no-one else out there like you, you are beautifully, wonderfully, exquisitely unique so celebrate your quirks, the things you love about each other and the passions you have in life. Let your wedding be an extension of you and your loves and don’t lose sleep over everything being matchy-matchy or how your ‘cousin-twice-removed’ says it has to be.

I know this tip may not seem life-changing on first glance, but for what I do and teach, it’s foundational.  I can’t help you create a personal and truly authentic wedding day if you don’t know who you are and what you want.


So how do you actually go about uncovering this so you can start creating your meaningful and memorable day? I have a few ideas to help you.

Tips to get you started.

  • What makes you tick?: Take the time before you get absorbed in inspiration to really think about who you are, what’s important to you both? and what do you want your wedding day to say about you?.  How do you want to your guests feel? How do you want to feel? What emotions do you want the day to evoke?
  • How do you like to spend time together?: Think about how you like to spend your time together as a couple – do you love to be outdoors and at one with nature or are you are happiest in a bustling and noisy bar in the City. Perhaps you like a nice balance of both, we know things aren’t always as black and white as loving one thing over another. Your personal loves are what makes you unique so embrace your own melting-pot of influences.
  • What does your home style tell you?: Your home is a huge indicator of the approach to take when styling your day. See if there is a colour you use consistently or specific textures and materials you are constantly drawn towards. Also think about how you entertain at home, do you love to set an eclectic table filled with finds from your travels or prefer things to be pared-back and sleek? If you are really stuck for ideas then take the time to dream about how you would love to entertain should ‘money be no object’ that will lead you down the path to your true desires.
  • What makes you unique as a couple?: It stands to reason that you should think about your relationship here too.  It’s easy to panic and think “but we don’t have any shared interests” or “I hate his favourite colour” but don’t worry, the trick is not to over-analyse it. Instead, think more generally – how would other people describe your relationship?  Are there key moments in your life that you want to celebrate? What shared experiences or adventures have really helped to define your relationships? Or what memories stick in your mind when you think about the two of you?

The key here is to have a little fun with it, you may even discover something new about each other along the way, and really isn’t that the beauty of being with someone you love?

Okay that’s it for today, remember small steps. You got this.


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