Motivation Monday

Magic happens as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone.

You learn more, you grow more and you get more. So be fearless, create the wedding of your dreams, pursue your passions, eat the cake. Believe in yourself so you can be fearless.

Also know that what you resist persists, so don’t dwell on your fears or allow them to hold you back. We’re all hugely powerful and capable beings, so unleashing your power starts first with knowing this and changing the dialogue.

If you are telling yourself things like “I can’t do this”, “It’s too hard”, “I’m just not an organised person”, “I don’t have time for it”, “It’s too challenging” then you are letting your fears win and you are creating this reality for yourself. It’s a natural human reaction and we all do it, but we also have the power to change it.

Feel the fears, notice them and still have the goals and dreams regardless. Stretch yourself, take action, move forward and on past those fears. Change the dialogue and tell yourself “I can do this”, “I am capable”, “I will succeed”.

A little thought for the week – what fears have you moved past recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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