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To-do lists, spreadsheets, itineraries! 📋📊🗓

I’m one of those people that actually loves these things as I know how important they are in my wedding planning toolkit.

Being organised is just one part of me though, I mix in a healthy dose of creativity and I’m also a huge advocate for self-care. I believe you can tackle anything with a positive mindset and I work hard at keeping myself balanced.

Hello – I’m Michelle Kelly and I thought it was time to make a friendly introduction.

I’ve been planning weddings for my awesome clients for over 7 years @pocketfulofdreams, my clients will tell you that I’m obsessively organised, a natural problem-solver and I relish creativity in all it’s forms.

I’m passionate about supporting creative couples to craft the wedding of their dreams minus the stress or drama.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to create an online programme specifically so I can support more people who are getting married by sharing my insights and learning.

Most weekends you’ll find me walking the rolling hills of the Ribble Valley with my cocker spaniel Alfie 🐶 or smothering him in kisses (I just can’t help it – he’s too cute!), or I’m managing a wedding at some incredible location. It still blows my mind that I get to call this work.

I’m a sucker for a stylish interior be it a new restaurant, hotel or café and I try to experience someplace new every few weeks, and of course I love a carefully crafted cocktail (or three) and some funky beats!

I’m a real visual person so I’m always snapping away on my iPhone capturing those little details that inspire. I drive my partner mad with this, especially when his food arrives and he just wants to eat! Yep I’m one of THOSE annoying people.

So that’s a little about me, so come on don’t be shy, introduce yourself and tell me something about you.

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