How to set wedding planning goals

wedding planning goals

When thinking about planning your wedding, the goal is usually a pretty simple one: have an awesome wedding day and marry the love of your life!

But the path to getting to that point isn’t always a smooth one, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard a bride say they really did not enjoy the planning process.

You could be planning your wedding over 12 months or 18 months or maybe it’s more like 24 months or longer. That’s a really long period of your life to be feeling anxious, stressed out or just generally a little unhappy.

And the reason is quite simple, you are solely focused on a goal that’s so far off in the future. Maybe it feels unreachable or daunting even, to think of making decisions now on something that’s happening quite some time away.

The present moment is your life, and it’s so important to live it and live it well.

So my advice is this: don’t just stay consumed with thoughts of the wedding and your future, live in the here and now too. The best way to do that is to set some goals for the wedding planning journey you are embarking upon.

So I invite you to think about more than the day itself:

  • what do you want this journey to be like?
  • how do you want to feel throughout?
  • do you want to feel closer to your partner, friends, family during this time?
  • do you want to tackle a long-held belief you have that you are a little bit scatty and incapable of organising yourself properly?
  • do you want to feed that creative urge of yours and relish the chance to finally create something inspiring, original and all your own idea?
  • do you want to save a certain amount of money to help pay for specific elements of your day?
  • do you want to make this experience as stress-free as possible?
  • do you want to do all of your thinking and planning in one big bulk so that you can chill-out and spend the last months of your engagement in a blissed-out state?


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So you see, getting married is just one of the goals. Just as your wedding day is one day or one weekend of your life. The journey you embark upon now is yours for the making, it’s all about having that clear vision and the right mindset to ensure it’s an enjoyable, fun-filled and exciting time.

Keep being fearless,


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