Wedding Planning Timelines


If you google ‘wedding planning timelines’ no doubt you’ve come across those lovely pictograms that tell you how to plan your wedding in 12 months and what needs doing by when. Which is great if you live in a perfect world and that’s exactly how long you’re going to be planning for.

Thing is, we don’t all live in a picture-perfect ideal world.

No two weddings are the same because no two couple’s are the same. And trust me when I tell you this: I’ve helped over 50 couples plan their weddings and not one of them followed these often published processes. Over the years I’ve perfected and refined my own secret formula for tackling a project as huge as planning a wedding, and my formula goes against the grain of what most tell you should be done by when.

You see, I don’t believe in spending every waking moment thinking about or planning for this big day from the second you get engaged. I DO believe in giving dedicated and focused time to planning at regular intervals that suit your own lifestyle. I also believe in taking action, making quick decisions and getting shit done, then getting on with your life in between.

Why you need a timeline that works for you

Decision fatigue can lead to unhealthy and unproductive choices and throughout your planning journey there’s a heck of a lot of those decisions to be made. Add to that the endless tasks to complete, alongside working hard in your career, spending time with your nearest and dearest and also actually having a life and it’s easy to see why planning a wedding can start to feel overwhelming. But it needn’t be.

My timeline splits tasks into phases, how you tackle these phases is up to you, there are certain elements you have to do before you can move onto the next, like figuring out what you want, what your budget is, who you’re inviting and where you will celebrate. Once you have all of that it’s pretty easy to manage the rest.

If you want to spend 2 years planning your wedding then great do it – but remember you may end up re-planning as your tastes and values change over that period. Likewise if you want to plan your wedding in 3 months it is entirely possible as long as you’re flexible to what’s available to you. Just know that you should tackle this process in a way that feels right for you.

I’ve created a wedding planning timeline toolkit, sharing my proven formula for tackling your wedding planning with confidence and ease. It’s the exact process I use with all my wedding planning clients and you can download the guide below.


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