Why Moodboards?

Wedding Moodboard, wedding planning, wedding themes, wedding colours

A key tool for us when we are designing the flow and details of a wedding day is the creation of a mood or concept board. And they are not just the reserve of professional designers, you can easily and simply create your own too.

What is a Moodboard?

It is essentially a visual hint at what you hope to create and serves as a guide for everyone who is working with you to bring that design to life, be it your entire wedding concept or one specific element like your stationery. It will contain a curated selection of images, materials, fabrics, colours, text styles and more.

How is a Moodboard helpful?

These boards offer a way to communicate the essence of your design to your suppliers, from your stationer to your cake-maker, to your florist and every other professional in-between who is creating a visual element for your day.

Moodboards help understanding in a way that words alone just can’t convey. e.g. the word “rustic” may conjure up a very different image in the minds of your design team to the one you are picturing – they may see hay-bales, market flowers in jam-jars and gingham fabric, when really you want raw, organic wooden details, soft tactile fabrics and flowers that feel like they’ve just been foraged from a forest.

They can also provide a guide against which you can review all subsequent design decisions. As new ideas pop up and you become swayed by Pinspiration you can ask yourself: does this idea or detail fit with the overall aesthetic and experience I wish to create, does it fit on my moodboard alongside everything else?

Having a design moodboard will help you to create a style for your wedding day that is consistent, cohesive and flows effortlessly.

Wedding Moodboard, wedding planning, wedding themes, wedding colours

How do I create one?

We appreciate not everyone has photoshop skills and that’s totally okay. Moodboards can take many different forms and we actually really love that feeling of a tangible, three-dimensional board, with gathered elements that you love, from fabric swatches to pages ripped from magazines, to little trinkets that mean something to you. Curated together these elements help to build a picture of your vision and start to tell your story.

In our new online course Wedplanology, we have an in-depth tutorial about how you can create your own wedding design moodboard so you can communicate your vision with more confidence. We cover everything from how to search for relevant inspiration, to creating and curating your board, through to tricks to choosing a colour palette.

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